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Feel to Heal

transformative workshop to feel you again


10 - 13.00 CET

via Zoom

Feel to Heal was born to bring you back to yourself. This 3-hour workshop is designed to give you an introduction why feelings are so important in your life and what happens in your body, mind and soul if you finally allow yourself to feel again. We will go deep into embodiment practices to open up the doors to old emotions that are holding us back. This is pure liberation from the past to create space for a more light and joyful life.

What you will receive:

Part 1:

Introduction to emotions and feelings. You will learn the magic of our emotions and feeling. What they actually are and how to see them from a new and fresh perspective. You learn what happens in the body if we suppress our emotions and the influence on your physical, mental and emotional health. You will learn the importance of your nervous system and how to regulate it to create more balance and relaxation.

Part 2:

You will be guided into a powerful breathwork session to access your suppressed emotions to open the doors to your feelings again. Somatic practices will help you to allow yourself to feel again. You will be held in a safe space to express whatever needs to leave you to feel free and alive again. You will learn how to witness powerful emotions and recalibrate your whole relationship to feelings and emotions.

Part 3:

You get to connect to your pure essence and feel the lightness in yourself again. You will connect with like-minded people and will be held in a beautiful supportive system to close the session and get practical tools on how to navigate a challenging situation in the future.


the emotions you feel define the level of consciousness you perceive

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