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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to really make a change?

The answer is yes. If you are already walking the path of inner growth and want to integrate your experiences of healing work into daily life to really make a change, Integration Magic will make it happen. This program helps you to understand insights and messages from healing sessions as well as integrating them. To meet your needs, you will receive individually tailored content.

Introducing Integration Magic

This 8-week one-on-one program is for the brave souls who are ready on the healing path and would like to integrate their experiences, learnings, and insights! “Integration Magic” is a program designed to help you understand the profound powers of healing sessions like plant medicine and other modalities to really make a change in your life. 

Integration Magic will help you with:

Healing childhood trauma

Establishing a loving relationship with yourself and others

Reclaiming and setting healthy boundaries

Freeing yourself from shame, guilt, anger, and any other low frequencies

Creating a healthy routine to feel more content

Connecting deeper with your body to strengthen your intuition

Learning how to navigate strong emotions

Integration Plant Medicine healing

"My personal medicine was Mother Ayahuasca and I am forever grateful for all the healing that has happened. But the real magic happens after the ceremony once you implement the learnings and see the change unfolding in your daily life."


Mona Vogel

Integration magic will help you to be more connected with yourself and life - experiencing magic every second!

You receive:

Free consultation call to get to know each other and define long term goals

2-hour private one-on-one sessions weekly over 8 weeks

Practical tips to apply the magic from the healing work into your day to day life

Emotional clearing sessions as well as inner child work and shadow work

Identifying belief systems and releasing them to make space for your true essence

Spiritual guidance and coaching

Individual embodiment practices

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Are you ready to finally make a change in your life?

"Integrating with Mona has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She is an amazing listener and a powerful heart opener. When we started our sessions my heart space was empty. Through her gentle guidance, I was able to explore my heart space and by the end, it was flourishing. The meditation and breathwork is something that hadn’t been able to dive as deep as I did with Mona. I have been implementing these and other tools she had presented to me in my everyday life. Each session was different with the exception of the impact which was profound each time. I hope your work with Mona will be as amazing as it has been for me. Namaste."
Scott, USA

"The 8 weeks working with Mona were incredible, we went so much deeper than I could have imagined and I emerged feeling like a brand new, lighter person and in awe of how much had changed and shifted. The container was truly transformational and I am very, very grateful to have released so many things buried deep - it has had a huge positive impact on all aspects of relationships, work, self-worth and a greater inner knowing and understanding.

When I entered these 8 weeks, I had only a mind-level understanding of what 'integration' could be, but still so disconnected from embodying it and as a result not always seeing, or allowing, the changes/ benefits from previous energy work. I was exhausted and struggling with a lot on my plate, and by the end of Mona's sessions I felt calmer, more in my body, listening to my body's needs and intuition. Most importantly, I am now able to embrace the need for rest and integration.

It was the most beautiful journey; working with Mona is such a gift & blessing - each week was different and so immensely powerful. I always felt so safe and held, and able to explore deeper depths than I thought I could, because of Mona's beautiful and loving presence. These 8 weeks have given me back so much of my energy, reclaimed my power and self-worth and has been an invaluable part of my journey. Thank you so much ❤️"
Alice, UK