Menstruation Period Healing Women Sacred

Moon Magic

Welcome sisters, thanks for showing up and sharing your beauty with this world.

You are such a powerful being and you deserve it to fully embrace your femininity in every moment of your life.

Are you ready to embrace your feminine magic?

Introducing Moon Magic

For too long now, the topic of our menstruation has been seen as something shameful, charged with guilt and feelings on the lower scale of emotions. It’s time to change that perception and reclaim our natural gifts.

Imagine you can turn your cycle into your superpower and live a life fully aligned with your feminine rhythm. 

You will gain:

In-depth understanding of your body and its rhythm

The secrets of how to live a life in a feminine way

A more loving connection to yourself

You know that there is a deeper wisdom inside of you, waiting to be unleashed but something is holding it back.

Moon Magic helps you:

overcoming a disconnection to your body

balancing your menstrual cycle

activating your creativity and coming back to your flow

Feminine Sacred Cycle Yoni

When we come back to our inner wisdom and honour each of our phases, we step fully into our potential. Knowing how our body and energy level is in each phase of our cycle and utilising this energy, enables us to love ourselves more and live a life fully aligned to the feminine principle.


If that resonates with you, Moon Magic is right for you.


Moon Magic is an online course to connect deeper to your female cycle and understand the energy of each phase to create magic in every moment.

Moon Magic includes

Knowledge and teachings about each phase of your feminine cycle

Moon Magic rituals and womb magic

Embodiment practices and meditations

Journal prompts to connect deeper with yourself

Moon Magic booklet

Moon Magic community

Moon Magic is an on-demand online course with content pieces of video, audio, infographics and worksheets. You can do the course at your own pace and decide when and where you would like to dive deeper into your feminine wisdom.

Moon Magic 
Online course

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Moon Magic Sisters

Join the community - Moon Magic Sisters is a safe container for women to connect, share and inspire each other. You have the option to join the community regardless if you join the course or not. My intention is to change the perspective towards our Moon time into the most sacred and magical time and you are needed for that. Come, bring your beauty and your light to inspire others. Am looking forward to meeting you there.

Moon Magic 
Online course