How to raise your vibration.

Here we are, I finally did my first YouTube live. It was quite a journey to manifest it into reality. I heard the voice within my head calling me to do the YouTube live for a long time but I was too occupied in my mind and afraid of showing up fully. I will write another article about How to step into your power as today's focus will be how to raise your vibration.

The How to raise your vibration series is a 7-week journey to learn how to do just that and why it is so important. Consciousness and frequency are the same, which means that when we are in a lower state of vibration or energy we are also in a lower state of consciousness. This has the effect that our perception is more limited. In general, our “reality” is based on the input we receive through our senses. This in itself highlights that we are all living in different realities as some people might hear better than whilst others may have a keaner sense of sight. Coming back to an individual level. If I am in an angry state, I might not be able to approach a conversation in a calm manner as my system is more focused on the emotion of anger rather than seeing reality as it is. The emotion is now the dominant actor in this play. Lifeforce, intuition and love is blocked, this is also often caused by the ego. On the other hand, when we raise our vibration our perception expands and we are able to receive more. For many years scientists have claimed 79% of human DNA to be junk, however, slowly it is becoming revealed, even though we still have a long way to go.

Changing the perception now to activate 79% of our DNA is an immense opportunity that excites me so much! This perspective can support the evolution of mankind and consciousness.

At this point, I want to make clear that emotions on a “negative” scale are not bad. Just reaching for love and light and neglecting the shadow part within ourselves is spiritual bypassing. Emotions like anger, sadness, depression, despair are beautiful messengers to show us misalignment within our system or life. It is more the question of how to express these kinds of emotions in a healthy way. You can find more on how to navigate strong emotions here.

The question that now might come up is What is actually influencing our emotions? And therefore also our vibration. Thoughts and emotions go hand in hand. If we think a negative thought, we create a negative emotion. For example, I am looking at my current schedule and think “Oh, there is so much to do I have no idea how I will manage all of this” - this thought can lead to feelings of frustration and anxiety. Whereas a thought of “Great, I have so many beautiful things ahead, I am really excited to make all of this happen” - can lead to a boost of motivation and extra energy.

Unfortunately, this can cause positive and negative spirals. That means when I think something negative, I feel something negative and therefore I think another negative thought. Have you ever experienced this?

So how to break this vicious cycle? Every activity that brings us out of our mind will help. The easiest way to do so is simply doing things you love. You can consciously choose and bring your thoughts to a more positive mindset. This is why meditation for example is such a powerful practice to learn how to use your mind wisely. Music helps to raise vibration as it is frequency itself. Playing 432Hz music for example is known to support you to get into a peaceful and enhanced state. I like to get physical and do things like dancing or any other sport as it immediately brings me into my body and out of my mind.

Here is a list of activities you can try which can raise your vibration:

  • Spend time near people, places and things that hold a high frequency

  • Do things that inspire you

  • Exercise / physical movement whatever you like to do

  • Sing mantras, prayer songs or pray

  • Use affirmations with 432 or 528 Hz music in the background

  • Aroma and color therapy

  • Gratitude journal

  • Spend time in nature

  • Practice random acts of kindness

  • Laugh and smile

You might also ask yourself how can I maintain a high frequency when I am surrounded by a person that is in a very low vibration? It can happen that a friend or a family member has a challenging time and suffers from depression. It helps to stay focused on what you can bring to that person. Can you bring him or her compassion, some fresh energy, a moment of pure presence and love? Try to see them where you want to see them, in a better state.

Being able to be in charge of our state of mind, our emotions and, therefore, our vibration is a powerful tool. Knowing how to navigate strong emotions and consciously lifting up your frequency enables you to achieve everything you are dreaming of.

Love is the highest vibration of all. We come from unconditional love and will go back one day to it. So why not remember this frequency within us?

Raising our vibration can help us to evolve as humans and as a collective.

Much love,


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