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Most of us know these busy times:

We are running from A to B to C to G, trying to win the next multitask-award, and pretending to be everywhere but are at the end nowhere. Life is sometimes like this and I think that's also fine as long as we know how to stay connected - connected to ourself.

One of the simples tools we have is our breath. The way how we in- and exhale is a reflection of our current state of mind. When you find yourself in a situation where anxiety shows up, our breath becomes heavy, fast and irregular. But if we are calm and relaxed our breath is slow, steady and peaceful.

What a gift, we have a system that gives us immediate feedback how we feel. Not only that, we can also utilize our breath to bring us out of uncomfortable situations. Imagine your next presentation at work is crucial for the long wanted promotion and your nervousness knows no limits. By simply closing our eyes for a few moments, connecting with our breath and consciously calming it down, can cause miracles.

If we practice simple breathing techniques (pranayama) regularly it will increase our mental health, our focus and improves our nervous system which is more than beneficial in a busy day to day life.

One of the simplest ways is to sit down in the morning and breathe through the nose as following:

Inhale for 4 counts

hold for 2

exhale for 4

and again hold for 2 to complete one round

please do 5-8 normal breaths before you start the next round

repeat for 5-10 rounds in the beginning

a 20min daily practice will bring you the best results

The inhale and exhale should have the same length. Once you established a routine, you are more than welcome to prolong the counts but please never force your inhalation or exhalation.

If you like to dive deeper into pranayama, please do it together with a teacher.

Breathe and connect with yourself.

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