Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to feel whole and connected?

The answer is yes! If you’ve been searching for more fulfillment in your life and feel called to discover more, then this is for you. Learning more about the elements and nature will inevitably lead to learning more about yourself and going deeper into your self discovery journey. Through that deeper connection with ourselves, we find the hidden magic that is waiting for us.

Introducing Sacred Elements Program.

This 4-week live group program is for the curious souls who are ready to discover the hidden magic in their lives! “Sacred elements” is a program designed to help you understand the profound powers of each natural element and how we can use it in our everyday lives. You don’t need to travel around the world to connect with these natural elements - they are all around us! 

In depth knowledge about the sacred elements of earth, water, fire and air that will help you feel whole and connected

Learn how to powerfully work with the elements through rituals and ceremonies and learn how to set everything up

Embody the elements to feel and awaken their energy within yourself through yoga, meditation and breathwork

Learn how to connect with nature intentionally to draw inspiration to live a purpose driven life

Gain new insights on a deeper level about your self perception, trust, stability, relationships and love 

Take a look at the program layout:


Week 1

Connecting with Mother Earth to ground and plant new seeds

We start with a one on one coaching session to see where you’re at in your life and define your dreams for the journey. In the first week, we celebrate the element earth and its secrets. We hold space together in a beautiful ceremony to plant new seeds to make your intentions come true throughout the journey.

Week 2

Flowing with water to connect with our feelings and creativity 

We continue with the sacred element water and learn how to use the cleansing magic of it in our everyday lives. We work through creativity and our emotions to find how life can flow at its best.

Week 3

Burning fear and doubt to create space for our dreams

The next element will be the transformative power of fire. We learn how to release energy that doesn’t serve us anymore and send prayers to the spirits to communicate with the unknown to help manifest your dreams.

Week 4

Inhaling the infinite source of love

In the last week, we unlock the power of air through our breath and connect deeply with our heart and inner child. Our breath is the connection from our mind to our soul and it will help us open up and learn more about ourselves.

If everything sounds like a


I’m super excited to meet you!

4 weeks of sacred elemental knowledge and life application with personal guidance

(not just an online course where you don’t interact with anyone)

2 x one on one coaching sessions customized to your needs

3 x weekly group sessions including yoga, meditation and breathwork

Community support by growing, sharing and connecting with like-minded people


Next program start date:

August 2021