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The School of Light

The facilitator training that offers a space to dive deep into your personal healing journey to embody all teachings and become an extraordinary leader in the healing arts.

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The School of Light is for visionaries that want to impact the world deeply.

You are here to fulfill your dharma to help humanity to raise to a higher state of consciousness.


You are a student of life and are ready to step into a teaching role or the next level of your offerings.

You love seeing people transform and open up to new possibilities. You are here to create magic and share your unique gifts and talents with others.


What to expect


During the 12 months we will go on a deep journey of transformation.

My ethos is to embody every teaching before sharing it with the world to understand a deeper level of each method but

also to show up in the purest form.


You will grow a new body that is a clear vessel for your transmission, you open your mindset to new thoughts and perspectives, you master emotional intelligence and know how to connect with your soul and the infinite possibilities of the quantum field. The new you know the magic of transforming blockages inside of yourself to manifest the dream life you always wanted into reality.


You feel absolutely empowered in this beautiful community that your unique gifts and talents are an important puzzle piece to a better future for this planet.

Only you can make your dreams come true

... or not.

Gavin Mills

The School of Light

is for you if ...


*You are ready to step into your light and power

*You are ready to face old stories, emotions and challenges that keep you in the current state

*You take full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions

*You are committed to do the work and dive fully into the exercises and sessions

*You are ready to expect the magic to unravel



  • Become the version of yourself always dreamt about

  • Mindset and behaviour work to align your desired outcome with your vision

  • Clearing work to align your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body with your future self

  • Cultivating and enhancing our unique spiritual gifts

  • Guiding you back to source, unconditional love and your soul purpose and essence

  • Learn tools, methods and the art of space holding to become a facilitator for deep transformation

A little bit about myself

My personal healing journey started around a decade ago. Throughout the years I have immersed myself in multiple healing modalities and shed layer by layer. This path humbled me so much and I am still in awe of how much magic on the outside happens once we start changing something inside of us.

The phases and cycles of healing brought also a lot of doubt and fear to the surface if that is really my path. Only in the last years, I understood that I had to go through all these moments to be able to hold the space and share my experience in the way I am now.

Transformational work is my super power and I will continuously go deeper to be able to serve you better. 

What's included

The School of Light offers you a wide range of experiences to create cherished moments in a group container.

  • 2 weekly live calls

  • daily practices to ground and embody all the new teachings

  • incredible guest speakers

  • accountability to reach your goals and dreams

  • group and individual assignments and exercises to practice all tools and methods

  • certification process to step into the role of a facilitator

  • an amazing community of like-minded people

  • special offers for retreats and other services and offers

  • 50% discount on 1:1 sessions with Mona

Topics we cover...

The School of Light is designed in a cyclical rhythm, which means you can join any time of the year as healing is not linear and we go through cycles and phases. I absolutely trust your knowing when to start your magical journey. In these 12 months we will cover the following content pillars:

The body:

Your body is our temple. To open up for higher states of consciousness you need to prepare the physical body to hold more energy. You will learn about physical health, nutrition, detox and recalibration of our body. You will learn how you can read the body of your clients and how to guide them to more health.


The mind:

The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. You dive into our belief systems to identify what thoughts are holding you back and re-programming the subconscious mind in a supportive way to live the life you desire. You will learn how to guide your clients into these practices to support them to create the reality they desire.


The emotions:

You learn how to feel and express your emotions in a healthy way. The emotions from the past that are still stuck in our body and suppress a harmonious flow of energy within our system get released and you learn all the tools to do this on your own in a safe way. You get the opportunity to free yourself from behaviours of the past and heal old wounds. You will learn how to facilitate somatic release practices in a safe and transformative way. 


The soul:

Your soul is here to experience life through your beautiful human body. You will learn how to connect to your soul to align your path to your soul's purpose and receive guidance in any field. By connecting with your soul you will understand your mission and every chapter of your life. You will get clear on your souls mission to be able to create your unique offer to support others. You will also dive into the shadows of yourself and how to hold space for shadow work.


The energetics:

You explore the infinite ocean of possibilities and learn how to anker the version of yourself you would like to become. You also learn how to connect with the formless field by preparing altars, offerings and through prayer. You will learn how to consciously create and manifest your dreams into reality.


Creativity is direct communication with source and I like to share with you tools and practices that enhance your creativity to help you apply creative thinking and art in every area of your life.


The School of Light is taught in a feminine rhythm, which means we will have 3 weeks of group sessions and one week off. The months April, August and December are break months to fully integrate your upgrades and to enjoy life to the fullest.

"Wow, I didn't know this work is so powerful"


What others have said about working with Mona


Join the School of Light

The 12-months membership is held on the new learning platform neural jam. You will be directed to the platform as the next step to create your account and pay with the option you choose. This journey gives you the opportunity to grow into a new version of yourself that embodies your true essence. 

pay in full

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