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The School of Light

The facilitator training offers a space to dive deep into your personal healing journey to embody all teachings and become an extraordinary leader in the healing arts.

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The School of Light has the vision of living in peace and harmony with all living beings on this planet. To reach this vision the School of Light helps visionaries like you to step into their full potential to be fully empowered and to empower others.

Together we will rise to higher levels of consciousness through transformational healing experiences to bring more awareness on how to live a fulfilled and happy life.

We love to see people transform and open up to new possibilities. You are here to create magic and share your unique gifts and talents with others.


The School of Light offers a unique experience to step into the role of a facilitator for holistic healing. Our approach is inside out and has a strong focus on practice. We encourage you to realize that the more healing you do inside of yourself, the more magic will happen on the outside. Therefore, you will go through all healing modalities yourself hence receive lots of healing yourself plus engage in new topics in the healing arts to understand each modality in its depth and embody all practices. We prepare you fully to have life-changing sessions with your clients and equip you with everything you need to feel confident in your purpose.

The holistic approach covers modalities to work with your clients on all levels:

body, emotion, mind, soul and energy

We believe that we need to see people as a whole and address challenges and problems on all levels to guarantee long-lasting change by going to the root cause of an issue and resolving it here.

Only you can make your dreams come true

... or not.

Gavin Mills


  • Comprehensive Healing Toolkit: Gain a diverse skill set that covers a wide range of healing modalities, including inner child healing, somatic release practices, access consciousness tools, shadow work, generational trauma healing, and more.

  • Empowerment as a Facilitator: Develop the confidence and competence to guide others on their healing journeys, providing them with the tools to create positive shifts in their lives.

  • Deep Self-Discovery: Engage in profound self-exploration as you delve into your own healing process while simultaneously learning to support others through their transformative experiences.

  • Holistic Approach: Learn to address healing on multiple levels - emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual - to foster holistic well-being and personal growth.

  • Inner Child Healing: Acquire techniques to guide individuals in connecting with their inner child, helping them heal past wounds, release emotional baggage, and cultivate self-compassion.

  • Somatic Release Practices: Understand how the body stores emotional energy and learn somatic practices to release tension, trauma, and energy blockages, promoting physical and emotional balance.

  • Access Consciousness Tools: Discover powerful tools that facilitate expanded awareness, mindfulness, and conscious living, enhancing personal transformation and spiritual growth.

  • Shadow Work Mastery: Learn effective methods for embracing and integrating the shadow aspects of the self, leading to increased self-awareness, emotional freedom, and self-acceptance.

  • Generational Trauma Healing: Understand the impact of generational trauma and acquire skills to guide individuals through healing processes that transcend ancestral patterns.

  • Confident Facilitation: Develop the ability to create safe and nurturing spaces for healing, allowing you to guide others through challenging emotional experiences with empathy and skill.

  • Personal Growth and Transformation: Experience your own profound transformation as you engage with the healing techniques, leading to greater self-awareness, resilience, and a deeper connection to your true self.

  • Certification and Accreditation: Receive a certification from the School of Light upon completion of the training, enhancing your credibility as a holistic healing facilitator.

  • Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about healing and personal growth, fostering connections that continue beyond the training.

  • Business Opportunities: Gain the tools and knowledge to establish your own healing practice, offering your facilitation services to individuals seeking healing and transformation.

  • Lifelong Learning: The skills and insights gained from this training are not just for the moment but will continue to serve you and those you work with throughout your life journey.

  • Contribution to Others: Experience the joy and fulfillment of making a positive impact in the lives of others as you guide them toward healing, empowerment, and self-discovery.

  • Tailored Approach: Learn to adapt your facilitation techniques to the unique needs and preferences of each individual, making your approach truly client-centered.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment: Help individuals achieve a harmonious alignment between their mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of well-being and wholeness.

The School of Light

is for you if ...


*You are ready to step into your light and power

*You are ready to face old stories, emotions and challenges that keep you in the current state

*You take full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions

*You are committed to do the work and dive fully into the exercises and sessions

*You are ready to expect the magic to unravel


A little bit about myself

My personal healing journey started around a decade ago. Throughout the years I have immersed myself in multiple healing modalities and shed layer by layer. This path humbled me so much and I am still in awe of how much magic on the outside happens once we start changing something inside of us.

The phases and cycles of healing brought also a lot of doubt and fear to the surface if that is really my path. Only in the last years, I understood that I had to go through all these moments to be able to hold the space and share my experience in the way I am now.

Transformational work is my super power and I will continuously go deeper to be able to serve you better. 


What's included

The School of Light offers you a wide range of experiences to create cherished moments in a group container.

  • deep inner healing journey for yourself to understand the tools and techniques you learn to facilitate at its core

  • learning to facilitate transformational processes on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level

  • trauma-informed deep dive to hold space for healing sessions

  • you will learn to hold space for inner child work, shadow work, emotional alchemy, and subconscious re-programming to rise the vibration of your clients to a higher state of consciousness

  • you receive the gift of creating sacred spaces

  • you will gain the ability to hold 1:1 and group sessions

  • you will be guided to find your unique gifts and create your authentic offer

  • daily practices to ground and embody all the new teachings

Topics we cover...

The School of Light is designed to rise consciousness in yourself and your clients. This facilitator training will enable you to work on all layers of existence to heal trauma and enable a soulful and harmonious life.

The body:

Your body is our temple. To open up for higher states of consciousness you need to prepare the physical body to hold more energy. You will learn about physical health, nutrition, detox and recalibration of the body. You will learn how you can read the body of your clients and how to guide them to more health.


The mind:

The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. You dive into your belief systems to identify what thoughts are holding you back and re-programming the subconscious mind in a supportive way to live the life you desire. You will learn how to guide your clients into these practices to support them to create the reality they desire.


The emotions:

You learn how to feel and express your emotions in a healthy way. The emotions from the past that are still stuck in our body and suppress a harmonious flow of energy within our system get released and you learn all the tools to do this on your own in a safe way. You get the opportunity to free yourself from behaviours of the past and heal old wounds. You will learn how to facilitate somatic release practices in a safe and transformative way. 


The soul:

Your soul is here to experience life through your beautiful human body. You will learn how to connect to your soul to align your path to your soul's purpose and receive guidance in any field. By connecting with your soul you will understand your mission and every chapter of your life. You will get clear on your souls mission to be able to create your unique offer to support others. You will also dive into the shadows of yourself and how to hold space for shadow work.


The energetics:

You explore the infinite ocean of possibilities and learn how to anker the version of yourself you would like to become. You also learn how to connect with the formless field by preparing altars, offerings and through prayer. You will learn how to consciously create and manifest your dreams into reality.

... any many more surprises :)

The curriculum

During the 12-month learning experience, we will engage with:

the physical body:

*learn and engage in the importance of physical practice

*understand the basics like sleep, nutrition and lifestyle to create a foundation for healing

*establish knowledge about the organs and their emotional connection

*learn how to increase your personal felt-sense and how to regulate your own and your client's nervous system through somatic practices

the emotional body:

*learn the importance of feelings and how to feel

*receive a comprehensive trauma-informed training

*practice and learn tools to release emotions in a healthy way

*receive and learn how to facilitate inner child healing

the mental body:

*understand how the conscious and subconscious mind are playing out in our daily life

*learn how belief systems shape our reality

*learn how to re-program the subconscious mind

*engage with tools that support mental clarity and broaden your capacities 

*establish the basics of coaching and various tools to open up for new perspectives

the soul body:

*learn how to connect to your higher purpose

*establish all skills to guide soul-purpose sessions

*practice and learn how to facilitate shadow work

*learn how to work with generational trauma

the energy body:

*learn how to facilitate light healing sessions

*comprehend universal laws and how to apply them

*understand how manifestation works

*learn how to work with the shamanic archetypes


*learn how to facilitate transformational experiences for 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats

*establish a solid foundation in your work through ethics and guidelines to create safe spaces

*receive training and preparation for different client scenarios

*create awareness around topics like pedal stalling, projections and negative feedback


*get trained in business basics to be ready to start your entrepreneurial journey

*learn how to grow and expand your current offering

*discover and implement your unique gifts and talents to share your outstanding service

*connect with an extraordinary community to collaborate and establish a worldwide network

All classes will be taught live on the platform Neural Jam to make sure you can engage and get the chance to ask questions and receive regular feedback.


When Mona taught me her method of energy healing, I learned a lot more than that. With a lot of knowledge and passion, she taught me for example the basics of coaching, how our nervous system reacts to stress and different kinds of trauma, and how to understand and work with boundary issues. 

I got prepared for leading my own sessions in learning about space holding and the structure of a session. With a lot of helpful questions on hand, I started my own practice and regularly met with Mona for checking in and getting more helpful advice. She was always open to my questions and gave me tips on how to improve and dig deeper. 

Mona says „We can only go as deep with our clients as we go with ourselves“. So it helped me a lot to also take sessions with her to work on myself while learning how to facilitate energy healing. This training deepened my own self-work and sped up my personal growth, as the topics gave me more insights into my own history, behaviours and issues, too. With Mona´s facilitator training, I took a step into a new, bright direction in my life, and I am happy that there is no turning back, but only going forward from now on.

Maren K.

The School of Light online.png

The online training

The 12-month online training is designed to learn, integrate and start facilitating next to your life from anywhere in the world. The online temple is taught in a modular way so that you can start your 12-month journey when you are ready. 

Your month in the online School of Light will consist of max. 12 hours of sessions, workshops and classes plus your time investment to practice the healing modality that we learn each month and go deeper through reading material. Two months of the year are free of classes to make space for integration and rest.

week 1

2 sessions a1-2h:

Receive & review modality via live classes plus tools & practices

week 2

2 sessions a 1-2h:

Input via live classes, reading material about modality, tools & practices

week 3

1-2 sessions a 1-2h:

Time to practice new modalities, tools & practices to receive feedback

week 4

Integration &

rest phase

Watch the Free Masterclass: The School of Light open door event

You receive an overview of the approach of the facilitator training, the program and hear one of the students share her experience.


Join the School of Light online

The 12 months of online training is held on the platform Neural Jam.

You have the choice to pay either in full for the whole year or monthly over 12 months.

The payment goes directly through the platform Neural Jam.

Pay in full

5.555 €

monthly fee

555 €

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