to myself

no compromises, only compassionate self-love

serve from a place of love
be a clear vessel for your clients
impact the world like you've always dreamt of

A question to you...

You are a healer, coach, teacher, guide or transformational service provider and want to work from a place of full integrity. You have finished multiple trainings and are keen to learn more or want to walk the path of being in service to others.

If there was a way you could step into your full power and serve from a place of love without any doubts about your skills, would you be interested in it?

Does that sound familiar to you?

You have enough of the voice inside of your head telling you that you are not good enough

You feel depleted after client sessions and find it difficult to say No

You either overwork yourself or find yourself in situations with no clients and no income

You question your worth and don't dare to ask for the price you deserve

You ask yourself if your work really changes something

You think you need to complete more trainings before you share your gifts


You deserve... fully see our unique gifts attract your soul clients who pay your price without even thinking about it thrive in your genius transform the life of your clients big time bring your service to the next level fully love yourself



to myself

no compromises, only compassionate self-love

What is included

Yes, to growth

I know you have done a lot of personal work already. But let's face it, there is still something nagging in the back of your consciousness that needs to be cleared.

♡ opening ceremony
♡ one-on-one session to clear the past and heal your heart

♡ opening your channels and planting love seeds

Yes, to myself

The second part will be the centerpiece of this journey. We will focus on empowering and strengthening yourself. Cultivating practices that support you in your daily life to have everything you need to come back to a place of love.
♡ the heart and its treasures
♡ living a life fully aligned to your rhythm and stepping into your power

♡ how to become a clear vessel for your clients

Yes, to my service

Last but not least, we will have a look at your business. How do we apply the new self-worth into your business and bring you to the next level.

♡ boundaries and learning how to say No
♡ your value and pricing, yes we also talk about cash!
♡ creating a schedule that allows you to fly

You are so talented and gifted, you know your magic can help transform other people’s lives. You just need a little support going from doubts and questionmarks to a powerful leading example.

Hi, I am Mona...

Five years ago my healing journey began. I threw myself into countless ceremonies and healing sessions to clear my vessel so that I could serve. I worked as a coach and healer myself and discovered my soul purpose along the way, which is to experience unconditional self-love and share it with other souls. I am here to help you love yourself unconditionally regardless of what personal challenges you are facing.

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This is what you receive:

1 one-on-one session,
5 live workshops,
1 live Q&A

a community of incredible healers, guides and teachers to grow together and celebrate each other

all in a safe, gentle yet deep transformational container to step into the self-love you deserve

♡ 90 min opening ceremony (valued at 111€)
♡ 90 min one-on-one session (valued at 222€)
♡ 90 min live workshop on negative self-talk and how to stop self-sabotaging (valued at 222€)

♡ 90 min live workshop the heart and its treasures (valued at 222€)
♡ 90 min live workshop on how to live a life fully aligned with your rhythm and stepping into your power (valued at 222€)
♡ 90 min live workshop on integration and becoming a leading example (valued at 222€)

♡ 90 min live workshop on your soul work covering boundaries, your dream client, pricing and a schedule to fly (valued at 222€)


Live Q&A
♡ 90 min live Q&A to support one-on-one transformation and answer specific questions to your lovely heart (valued at 222€)

Actual investment?
only a fraction of the above

We will open the next round of Yes, to myself soon.

Join our waiting list already today to safe your spot.


I don't work as a healer/teacher/guide yet but have done personal work and aim to work as one. Is Yes, to myself the right thing for me?

Sure, this is definitely for you as you take the step to get rid of belief systems that might stop you on your way to become the powerful healer, teacher, guide or coach you are. Don't waste your time and hide your brilliance just because you haven't started yet. The world needs you!

I am working already in the healing space, is this program for me?

Welcome love, yes of course! This can bring your work to the next level as we clear your vessel even more and strengthen your gifts. You will reach a new excellence in your work when you serve from a place of unconditional love and you fully deserve to impact the world like you have always dreamt of!

How will the content be delivered?

All our live calls will be on Zoom and the communication will go via Email. We recommend to join our "Yes, to myself" facebook community to connect and share with the beautiful souls we go on the journey together. However the facebook group is not mandatory, you will receive all needed input trough the live Zoom calls.

OK, I am ready. When do we start?

Oh hello, you are an organised business person - amazing! Our schedule will look like this… Opening ceremony, 8th August, 2pm CET Week of 9th August: Individuals one-on-one session, we will schedule this as soon as you have signed up Workshop One: Opening your channels and planting love seeds, 17th August, 2pm CET Workshop Two: The heart and its treasures, 24th August, 2pm CET Workshop Three: How to live a life aligned with your rhythm and How to step into your full power, 31st August, 2pm CET Workshop Four: Integration and becoming a leading example, 7th September, 2pm CET Workshop Five: How to bring self-one into your soul work, 14th September, 2pm CET Live Q&A with Mona Vogel, 21st September, 2pm CET We officially close on 21st September

What if I can't make one or more workshop times?

All live Zoom calls will be uploaded within 24h in the learning portal and you can watch the replay at any time. We understand that life can be busy and want you to have the best experience to smoothly integrate the program with love into your schedule.

I have a question that is not listed here...

No worries, I got you. Write your question to and we will get back to you asap.

to myself

no compromises, only compassionate self-love