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Mona Vogel Intuitive Holistic Healing


Mona is an expert in holistic healing with the mission to bring body, mind, emotion, soul and energetics into harmony.

Her dream is to support others to realize their dreams to bring more joy, love and harmony into this world.

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The Channel of Light

The podcast to bring more light into your life. Listen to the Channel of Light podcast to get inspired, shift perspectives, and receive meditations and guidance. Listen to it on your platform of choice - YouTube, Spotify or iTunes.

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Conscious Club
The Conscious Club is a community for space holders and facilitators to connect, grow and evolve together. Once a month we do a Deep Dive to step into our next level of identity, skills, business and more. Join now and get access to a free Trauma Knowledge course within the community.

One on One Session
I offer deeply transformative One on One guidance to help you overcome challenging situations, trauma, physical pain and mental stress. These sessions work on the energetic level to resolve the root cause of your problem to shift your reality into a place of harmony, love and joy.

Manifest Magic Masterclass
This masterclass helps you to understand the universal laws of manifestation and how to apply them to realize your dreams. Regardless if you are dreaming of your ideal partner, a new career or more prosperity you can apply this knowledge to any dream you have. Become the creator of your life and turn your vision into reality.

Fem Power Masterclass
For all beautiful ladies out there: this masterclass supports you to step into your feminine magnetism. You will learn the magic of the feminine cycle and how to live a life according to your body's needs. We will dive deep into embodiment practices to let go of old blockages to create space for what you desire and to step into your Fem Power.

The School of Light
Join my facilitator training to expand your life on all levels and help your clients on all layers to heal and open up to a higher level of consciousness. This will change your life.

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Ceremonial Cacao

Celebrate life with MoMaCo Ceremonial Cacao. The most delicious raw Cacao from the north of Thailand is now available to be enjoyed at home.


Nina, Amsterdam

It is crystal clear that Mona found her soul mission and is living her purpose when she is helping others to grow. The inner child meditation I received was deep and powerful...

Alice, UK

The 8 weeks working with Mona were incredible, we went so much deeper than I could have imagined and I emerged feeling like a brand new, lighter person and in awe of how much had changed and shifted...

Scott, USA

Integrating with Mona has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She is an amazing listener and a powerful heart opener...

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