Healing Ceremony Feminine




in your life through a gentle yet deep transformation to feel whole and connected.

Transformation of consciousness is the alchemy of yourself.

Mona Vogel

As a certified transformational Coach, Ceremonialist, Facilitator and Alchemy Lover, my mission is to bring more magic in your life. My heart beats faster when I see you transforming and coming back to your inner knowing and true essence. After overcoming intense trauma myself, I now work with women and men worldwide to help them reconnect. My work touches healing, coaching, personal development, spirituality, rituals, female cycle, manifestation and magic on all levels -

mind, body and soul. 

We will go deep, yet soft to heal trauma and stories that do not serve you anymore.

Moon Magic

Moon Magic is an online course to connect deeper to your female cycle and understand the energy of each phase to create magic in every moment. Join the Moon Magic sisters movement.

Integration Magic

You are already on the path of self healing and attend ceremonies like plant medicine but recognize yourself still in old loops and feel sometimes trapped? Integration Magic is designed to finally make a change in your life and support you with the work after the healing session like a ceremony.

Rise & Shine

Are you ready to finally realise your dreams? Rise & Shine will transform your whole life to manifest your dreams into reality.

This 3-months one-to-one program will be launched in June, book your free call to find out how this can help you.

Come with me on my journey.