After experiencing countless ceremonies and healing sessions to find my way back to who I truly am, I started to serve. I work as a coach and intuitive holistic healer. I am here to help you to overcome any challenges you are facing.

One on One Session
I offer deeply transformative One on One guidance to help you overcome challenging situations, trauma, physical pain and mental stress.

This year we come back together in person to celebrate the beauty of life. Join my transformational retreats in Spain and Thailand.


Nina, Amsterdam

It is crystal clear that Mona found her soul mission and is living her purpose when she is helping others to grow. The inner child meditation I received was deep and powerful...

Alice, UK

The 8 weeks working with Mona were incredible, we went so much deeper than I could have imagined and I emerged feeling like a brand new, lighter person and in awe of how much had changed and shifted...

Scott, USA

Integrating with Mona has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She is an amazing listener and a powerful heart opener...