to myself

no compromises,
only compassionate self-love


serve from a place of love
be a clear vessel for your clients
impact the world like you've always dreamt of


Hi, I am Mona...

Five years ago my healing journey began. I threw myself into countless ceremonies and healing sessions to clear my vessel so that I could serve. I worked as a coach and healer myself and discovered my soul purpose along the way, which is to experience unconditional self-love and share it with other souls. I am here to help you love yourself unconditionally regardless of what personal challenges you are facing.

Love yourself

Find your way back home,
to unconditional self-love.
I offer deeply transformative one-on-one guidance for healers, teachers, guides and coaches who are ready to step into their power.

Free Self-Love

Get my favourite rituals to connect back to your source - unconditional self-love.


Moon Magic

Moon Magic is an online course to connect deeper to your female cycle and understand the energy of each phase to create magic in every moment. Join the Moon Magic sisters movement.