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Mona Vogel


About a decade ago, my life took a big shift. I traveled to India for the first time and learned the art of doing nothing and just being. This was one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever received in my life. It is pretty rare in our society today to have the gift of time. Since then, I did a deep dive into Yoga and have accomplished 640+ hours of certified Yoga Teacher Training in the areas of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy and Chakra Yoga. 


In addition to Yoga, I completed a couple of Vipassana Meditation courses and bring a basic understanding of Ayurveda with me. I was always super curious and liked learning many different things, combining them all to work holistically. 


As I started sharing my knowledge with people, I decided to complete an integrative coaching training to understand how I can best work with others who were also looking for support. I really love helping others. 


When I’m not coaching others, I love hosting ceremonies within like-minded communities. This has truly transformed my life, especially plant medicine which has helped me so much in overcoming my own traumas and past experiences. I now know who I truly am and what my purpose in life is. I love ceremonies so much that I want to share this magic with you in different forms. From cacao ceremonies to shadow work circles, I love helping you on your own journey to connect with yourself to feel joyful and whole.