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Introduction to

Energy Healing

free event to learn the basics of Energy Healing

on 27th May at 10 am CET

You are interested in energy healing and would like to learn more about it?

This free event will give you the opportunity to understand why energy healing is so important and how it works. You will also learn some basics that will help you in your day-to-day life to be in more harmony with your own energy.

What you will receive:

Understand how energy healing works and how it affects the mental, emotional and physical life. You will learn why it is so powerful and how it can create long-lasting changes in the behaviour of your clients and yourself.

You will practice some basics that will help you to stay more grounded and in harmony with your own energy. These practices can be applied in your normal everyday life as well as with your clients in case you facilitate already.

You will learn how to raise your vibration and the ones of others.


Be the light you would like to see in the world

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Energy Healing now

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