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Are your ready to make a powerful change
in your life?

It’s time to dive deep into yourself and be gently guided to let go of the unhelpful conditioning that keeps you small. It’s time to connect to your true essence and potential, and manifest your dream life.

I work with women and men worldwide, who are ready to live a life they have always dreamt of. Free from doubts, fears and blockages to enjoy life to the fullest.

I welcome you to be honest, vulnerable, and open with me…


All my offerings are designed to enable you to transform your life.

My mission is to bring you closer to your true self and feel empowered to make your dream life come true. As we are all unique and in different phases of our life, I have several options for you on how to work with me.

1:1 Options


1:1 Quantum Healing Session

Quantum Healing works with the most subtle energy of your system. We will change and shift your problem at its root cause to create long-lasting changes in your life. Regardless, if you desire to have more loving relationships, step into your potential or find more peace within yourself, we can work on any area of your life. The sessions will be held in person or remotely via Zoom. Book your free discovery call to clarify any open questions. 

1:1 Mentorship

The Mentorship program is designed for the ones who want it all. The purpose-driven life, the fulfilling relationship and the most vital and alive feeling in your skin. This program can be 3 to 6 months long depending on your needs.

Book your free discovery call now to see if we are a match for this journey. 

Self Mastery  Programs

Manifest Magic

In this masterclass you will learn the secrets of manifestation. You can apply these universal laws on any dream you would like to bring to life and see your manifestations flourish. You will learn the science and parctical tools and practices to make your dreams come true.

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Fem Power

This workshop is for all women who are ready to step into their magnetism. Step into the power of your feminity, transform old emotions and belief systems and create space for you really desire.

Facilitator Training


The School of Light

Join this 12-month facilitator training to step into the role of a space holder for holistic healing. You will learn multiple modalities to work with body, emotions, mind, soul and energetics as well as space holding and business to set you up for success. Become a leader in the healing industry by saying yes to yourself and your dreams today.


Conscious Club

The Conscious Club is a community for space holders and facilitators to connect, grow and evolve together. Once a month we do a Deep Dive to step into our next level of identity, skills, business and more. Join now and get access to a free Trauma Knowledge course within the community.

What others say

Alice, UK

The 8 weeks working with Mona were incredible, we went so much deeper than I could have imagined and I emerged feeling like a brand new, lighter person and in awe of how much had changed and shifted. The container was truly transformational and I am very, very grateful to have released so many things buried deep - it has had a huge positive impact on all aspects of relationships, work, self-worth and a greater inner knowing and understanding.

Get in touch

I am excited to hear from you! Please contact me for mentoring, collaborations and any other inquiries on

Thank you!

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