Are your ready to make a powerful change in your life?

It’s time to dive deep into yourself and be gently guided to let go of the unhelpful conditioning that keeps you small. It’s time to connect to your true essence and potential, and manifest your dream life.

I work with women and men worldwide, who are ready to live a life they have always dreamt of. Free from doubts, fears and blockages to enjoy life to the fullest.

I welcome you to be honest, vulnerable, and open with me…

Private One-on-One transformational Mentorship

Through an individual journey I will support you with your personal intention for healing, growth and change. Together we will come to understand and then rewrite the story of what you have experienced to create space for your purpose and inner calling.

Through One-on-One private transformational mentorship you will work with me directly for a period of time, focusing on a specific intention(s) for change and growth. You’ll also have contact with me in between sessions, receive tools and magic to enable you to bring the realisations you receive during our sessions into your life, and so much more...  

In the One-on-One Mentorship you will...

Work together with me in a transformative 4 - 8 week container

Receive ongoing One-on-One video call sessions

Have access to individual tools and magic which will support you with your growth in between video calls

Be guided to relevant resources such as books, articles, courses

In our video calls you will...

Dive deep into your heart space

Understand what is holding you back and release these old stories 

Find a safe space to fully surrender and be seen and heard

Learn powerful tools to come back to your center, open your heart, balance the feminine and masculine energy within yourself and much more...

Is this for you

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and take some deep breaths.

Do you have an intention to work with me? Are you ready to invest in yourself to transform yourself and your life? Saying, Yes to yourself is key for the change you are looking for.

If you feel a strong pull to start this journey, amazing I can't wait to speak to you.

If you're still unsure, let's have a chat to see if we can unravel your why and feel if it's a good fit.

What can I help you with?

Letting go of limiting belief systems that tell you that you are not good enough
Opening your heart and living from a place of love
Finding confidence in your talents and gifts
Resolving traumatic experiences that have impacted your life
Activating an empowered body image
Learning to set clear and healthy boundaries
Finding balance between your feminine and masculine energy
Tools to help you come back to your center
Stepping into your full power
Exploring who you are as a unique soul


Alice, UK

The 8 weeks working with Mona were incredible, we went so much deeper than I could have imagined and I emerged feeling like a brand new, lighter person and in awe of how much had changed and shifted. The container was truly transformational and I am very, very grateful to have released so many things buried deep - it has had a huge positive impact on all aspects of relationships, work, self-worth and a greater inner knowing and understanding.

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