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Fem Power

Masterclass for women

to step into the power of magnetism

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You are a woman who dreams big, wants to create and has an impact?

I see you and love to support you in a way that makes you the most powerful version of yourself. This event supports you to become a self-led creator of your life and honouring your unique feminine power at the same time.

Learn in this free 3-day event how to become magnetic, be confident and use your unique gifts as a woman to become the most authentic version of yourself.

What you will receive:

Part 1:

Understand the magic of the feminine cycle and how to turn it into your superpower.

The ancient knowledge about the female body and its rhythm helps you in modern life to tap into more confidence and harmony with yourself.

Start living the fem way

Part 2:

You will dive deep into what is holding you back and clear it out to make space or a new way of leading yourself. You will experience somatic practices as well as subconscious re-programming to consciously create the version of whom you would like to be. 


Become the creatrix of your life

Part 3:

Embody your way of self-led mastery in the most authentic and magnetic way.

use your feminine energies to make your softness your strength and feel confident in allowing yourself to be fully you.



Step into your fem power.


Be the change you want to see in the world

What others said about the masterclass

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