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You are the reason why I love what I am doing so much!

I love supporting you to find your way back home.

Here are some stories of beautiful souls who have worked with me...

Deividas, Koh Phangan

Mona is a powerful healer. After the first session, I felt something changed... I couldn't grasp it as it was a subtle sensation. However, after a month or so I took psychedelics & then I had an "aha" moment. "Wow - we went back in time and changed my timeline. Not of the past but even the past of the past". It sounds ridiculous, but this is how I felt. Since then I've been working with her for another 8 months or so. I've gone through an extremely painful breakup and her sessions helped me to rebuild my confidence, change my mindset & I've just finished working with her & I feel just amazing. In addition to that - Mona's energy is extremely contagious. She's doing so many things and every time I meet her - I feel inspired to do the same. Thank you Mona for everything! ❤️

Julie, Singapore

The first month of the facilitator training has been more impactful than I expected. Not only did I learn tools and techniques that I could use for myself, but I was able to already apply some of the techniques in my own offerings. The ongoing online support has allowed me to anchor more consistently into my own light. And this is one of the things that Mona does well, bringing a contagious light and joy even with difficult and emotional content. I have been inspired to walk the path as authentically and with as much joy as I feel in the way that this course has been facilitated. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next months unfold.

Khin, Thailand

I feel amazed by how quickly I could see the results and clarity in different areas of my life after working 1-on-1 with Mona for 3 sessions. I started my healing and inner work journey in 2020, mostly in group settings and since then I could see my life has transformed in many ways. However, it usually took longer time to see the results and things to show up in my world. With Mona, I could see rapid results after each session and I know this's only the beginning. It was the first time I have done 1-on-1 and it was definitely one of the best investments. I'd definitely recommend Mona to anyone who is looking for more expansion, ease and growth in their lives.

Kathrin, Hamburg

I've had some coaching and therapy sessions in the past and always felt like it was very "one-dimensional". It was as if something was somehow missing because I could only get so far with talking. Mona's approach is so much more comprehensive and includes all relevant levels. And thanks to her support, I got so much deeper into my issues super fast.
The energy healing sessions with Mona were an enormous enrichment and have solved so much for me that I could finally let go of. I highly recommend it if you really want to get to the root of your issues to truly reconcile and heal them 🙏🏻✨

Daniel, Hamburg

Taking a 1:1 healing session with Mona was an experiment that turned out to be a gamechanger for me. I had done life coachings before which helped me to realize my inner voices, blockages and getting a step further in my personal development. But I was missing a piece of the puzzle – clarity of what I really want in life and an understanding for what is really holding me back. In just one session we released two major thought patterns and blockages that hindered me from seeing my inner truth and goals in life. After that one hour I really felt encouraged and a sense of clarity that I had been missing. I can only recommend working with Mona, even more so if you feel Energy Healing might not be for you!

Gina, Munich

I first joined Mona's shadow work workshop, which provided me with some very deep and new realizations about myself and my beliefs. I've done quite a lot of shadow work before but during the session with Mona I've reached a much deeper level of self-awareness and realization. That's why I've decided to have three private sessions with Mona to work on my specific topics. I am still amazed by the technique she was using as it helped me to identify my inner blockages and how they were also stuck in my body for many years. I felt safe and well-guided to take a deeper look at my shadows and to bring in more light in those areas. I felt a big relief after each of our sessions. The work with Mona not only helped me to realize some of my major inner blockages and where they came from but also to gain more confidence in my own abilities and my intuition.

Julie, Singapore

I had been doing my own inner work for a while through various modalities, but there were some deep patterns that I had not been able to overcome. Mona’s introduction to how energy healing works really resonated with me as I felt that it would help me to go deep into the places that I couldn’t get to by myself.

I had three sessions with Mona, but honestly, after the first one, I already felt a massive shift. It’s hard to put into words because the experience was very much in the felt sense, but I was able to release a lifetime of guilt, doubt and resentment.

Mona is a gifted facilitator and her ability to hold space without judgment, and in the most nurturing and loving of ways is also a testament of her own inner work and authenticity.

Elenore, France

Having a session with Mona allowed me to have an intense access to myself. The connection was smooth, clear and beautiful thanks to Mona’s guidance.

This session helped me to accept and let go of deep feelings. I released many emotions and made space for new ones. I recommend Mona to get through yourself with kindness while having immediate positive results

Julie, Singapore

The first month of the facilitator training has been more impactful than I expected. Not only did I learn tools and techniques that I could use for myself, but I was able to already apply some of the techniques in my own offerings. The ongoing online support has allowed me to anchor more consistently into my own light. And this is one of the things that Mona does well, bringing a contagious light and joy even with difficult and emotional content. I have been inspired to walk the path as authentically and with as much joy as I feel in the way that this course has been facilitated. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next months unfold.

Maren, Germany

The healing sessions with Mona are setting my frequency to another level. I’m releasing so many old feelings and old beliefs and replacing them with new affirmations and a sense of lightness. Being in this container with Mona´s guidance, knowledge and exercises is helping me stay on track toward a fulfilled life. 

Mona brings great wisdom and enthusiasm to every meeting. Seeing her living her dreams inspires me a lot. 

The weekly healing sessions moved a lot for me to come more into the light.

It happens more and more that I am quoting Mona now, while talking to friends. And if I feel out of line I ask myself: What good want´s to come through?

Thanks to Monas healing sessions and her input and exercises my own journey on healing and finding my path went up to a whole new scale. I feel guided, safe and ready to welcome every feeling there may come. I gained tools to allow myself to dream big and to stretch out for a great future.

We healed so much and I feel lighter, stronger and more capable of leading my own life.

I definitely recommend Monas work to everyone who wants to go not only deep but also want´s to fly high in life!

Anna, Oslo

Wow, I must say that I am so impressed by Monas work. The first time I met Mona was on her retreat and during that week I had a lot of realizations about my life, so I signed up for an online course later on because her way of work is so efficient for me. Her sessions have been healing and eye opening as well. Her workshops are really motivating me for further changes in my life. I am vibrating so much higher after having worked with Mona so I am really curious about how it will be with a 12 month programme! Loving your work and your School of Light, thank you so much for all the good you do :)

Victoria, Koh Phangan

My healing session with Mona was very insightful. It was the first time I have done this type of healing session before, normally I’m used to going to therapy where it’s just me talking a lot and here I was happy that I was being guided to really feel and experience how all these emotions are sitting in my body and subconsciously creating my reality. She then guided me to go deeper into my body to gain insightful information that I have stored within me. She also channeled messages that was coming thru to her that revealed aspects of myself, especially the shadow parts of myself that I hadn’t connected the dots to and were the missing pieces to my puzzle that when revealed really exponentially helped me heal from things that I was stuck with for decades. I found the session very profound, revealing and insightful. I have gotten out of one session what I would have gotten out of in months of traditional talk therapy. I would highly recommend a healing session with Mona.

Sabrina, Zürich

Working with Mona was an amazing experience, her and Adrians Yoga Retreat changed my life and her online quantum healing session made me feel like she was with me again and gave me the security to let go of old stuff. I can highly recommend her if you're ready to go deep and want to see a change! Thank you, love Sabrina ❤️

Anna, Oslo

Thank you so much for a magic week. Even after the first seconds upon arriving the retreat, Mona and Adrian’s warmth made the retreat space feel like a safe space. They shared so much knowledge and gave so much of themselves, which I have never experienced anything like on other retreats I have been to. The body got spoiled with nice yoga classes and nutritious, oh-so-tasty food. During the workshops, Mona likes going deep- which really makes the retreat a transformational one. After the week I felt so much more energized, inspired and I had been given new tools to use when coming back home to everyday life. This really was a retreat for the body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend it. Don’t get surprised if I’ll show up on another retreat of yours again, Mona!

Nina, Amsterdam

It is crystal clear that Mona found her soul mission and is living her purpose when she is helping others to grow. The inner child meditation I received was deep and powerful. Thanks to her loving and natural guidance, she brought me into a deep state of relaxation and healing. It felt comfortable and nourishing to be held by Mona and to explore my inner world together. By asking the right questions and reminding me to allow and feel everything that comes up without searching and forcing, she guided me through various layers. I felt a lot of energy shifting and received many insights. It felt safe to share everything that was happening, both the darkness and the light. Because Mona also received my darkness with love, it felt way easier to bring it to light. After the meditation, I felt recharged. Mona helped me to formulate clear action points to integrate my insights in my daily life. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and guiding me towards more light!

Alice, United Kingdom

The 8 weeks working with Mona were incredible, we went so much deeper than I could have imagined and I emerged feeling like a brand new, lighter person and in awe of how much had changed and shifted. The container was truly transformational and I am very, very grateful to have released so many things buried deep - it has had a huge positive impact on all aspects of relationships, work, self-worth and a greater inner knowing and understanding.

When I entered these 8 weeks, I had only a mind-level understanding of what 'integration' could be, but still so disconnected from embodying it and as a result not always seeing, or allowing, the changes/ benefits from previous energy work. I was exhausted and struggling with a lot on my plate, and by the end of Mona's sessions I felt calmer, more in my body, listening to my body's needs and intuition. Most importantly, I am now able to embrace the need for rest and integration.

It was the most beautiful journey; working with Mona is such a gift & blessing - each week was different and so immensely powerful. I always felt so safe and held, and able to explore deeper depths than I thought I could, because of Mona's beautiful and loving presence. These 8 weeks have given me back so much of my energy, reclaimed my power and self-worth and has been an invaluable part of my journey. Thank you so much ❤️

Scott, USA

Integrating with Mona has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She is an amazing listener and a powerful heart opener. When we started our sessions my heart space was empty. Through her gentle guidance, I was able to explore my heart space and by the end, it was flourishing. The meditation and breathwork is something that hadn’t been able to dive as deep as I did with Mona. I have been implementing these and other tools she had presented to me in my everyday life. Each session was different with the exception of the impact which was profound each time. I hope your work with Mona will be as amazing as it has been for me. Namaste.

Dienella, Switzerland

Every time that I joined a moon ritual with Mona, I connected to a deep part of my life and each time, I was able to release something. In the last one, my father who has been dead for 25 years, appeared to send me a message. That was so incredible. I love the high light energy that Mona vibes, I think that why, everything she proposes and gives is so qualitative and full of love. I will change her name for Moona!! Or maybe not.. she is very solar too! Thank you Mona for sharing those precious moments!

Alice, United Kingdom

I am so happy I have attended the sacred elements program. I loved the earth week, I think it was the most pivotal for me - being able to ground. So many people have told me I need to, and even with so many yoga classes and teachers, I still did not really fully understand how simple and easily it can be done. It also set up so beautifully for the rest of the programme, laying the foundation so well. 

I really loved how you left us in that zone after the yoga classes and didn't chat too much after finishing the call - really powerful and a nice touch that is rare!

The breathwork was amazing, I have done it before but was still blown away at how much was happening. it also felt very safe knowing that you were holding the space. 

My highlight was definitely your gentle approach - helps go so much deeper, than trying to force things. It helped really share whatever thoughts were happening and create a truly no judgement space. I really liked the practical aspects - instead of just talking or e.g. meditations, having those tools to connect with the elements and take them away to continue after the course.

Rhi, Amsterdam

It was so lovely to finally meet you in an online ceremony! I’m feeling much better now, it was a lot to process and I’ve been resting lots! I can’t thank you enough for the ceremony. It was so beautiful and you enabled me to finally let go of something I never thought possible. I’m so grateful for the experience and you ✨🌻🌙🌞

Lizzie, Koh Phangan

I have been lucky enough to attend several of Mona’s beautiful soul enriching fire ceremonies. Mona creates a safe, supportive, open-hearted, magical space and after each ceremony I come away feeling so connected to my soul and connected to the other people at the ceremony with more love in my heart for the world, people, past, present and future experiences and more clarity and motivation in my mind in regards to who I am, what I want, my gifts and the lessons this life has taught me. Mona’s ceremonies are a beautiful gift and I hope there will be many more in the future.

Alyona, Porto

I’m really grateful to Mona for the unique opportunity to meet myself and create intentions. She used to create absolutely wonderful moon circles for girls. I’ve got so much inspiration, energy and love there. Absolutely unforgettable experience which I'd be happy to have more times. 


Highly recommend Mona as a spiritual guide, she is wise, gentle and supportive. 🙏🏼✨

Lisa, Oslo

Monas ceremonies are truly amazing. She holds such a sacred space and I always feel very safe. Safe to share what's on my mind and safe for whatsoever message needs to come through.

Sahra, Vienna

First time I met Mona, I went to one of her women's circles with a friend. When I entered the house she immediately welcomed me with an open heart. Being in her light, joyful and healing presence helped me evolve and get more in touch with myself. Especially the shadow work that we did together had a massive impact on me dealing with a longtime trauma. On top of that her workshops were so much fun and I felt so much connection and love.

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