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It is time for you to step into your full power and do the things you absolutely love doing

You have a big dream, a deep desire to make your wildest dreams come true or you are still unclear what you actually want but you know that the life you are currently living is not the right thing. I truly believe that we all have this unique gift that wants to come out and express itself into this world. This is why you are here - your soul mission.

One of my dreams is to guide you on this path to make your wildest dreams come true because it is not only for you, it is a gift for humanity if you are living your soul purpose as we bring more peace, harmony and love into the world.


LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS is for you. In these 8 weeks, you will go on an incredible life changing journey to discover your vision, letting go of any blockages that are holding you back to harvesting the fruits of your labour.


What to expect


During these 8 weeks you will receive weekly 1:1 sessions with me to offer you individual support for your process to fully step into your power and fulfil your wildest dreams. These sessions range from coaching, quantum healing and breath work to unravel all blocks you have to allow yourself to live your full potential.


On top you will receive workshops with me and the group to cover the following topics:

  • Creating a vision of your dream life and what it needs to turn a dream into reality

  • The alchemy of turning adversity into advantage

  • Why healing is so important to change your life

  • The power of thought

  • Manifestation Magic and Quantum Leaps

  • How we can become greater and being in service

  • And more surprises


The group container allows you to connect with others on the journey, to keep each other accountable and celebrate our successes. I can’t wait to have you there!


Only you can make your dreams come true

... or not.

Gavin Mills


LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS is for you if ...


You are ready to create the reality you desire.

You are ready to face old stories, emotions and challenges that keep you in the current state.

You take full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.

You are committed to do the work and dive fully into the exercises and sessions.

You are ready to expect the magic to unravel.



  • Create the vision of your dream life

  • Mindset and behaviour work to align your vision with your desired outcome

  • Clearing work to align your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body with your future self

  • Cultivating the characteristics and habits that lead to success

  • Implementing tools and techniques that help you overcome any challenge or adversity

  • supportive community of like-minded people

A little bit about myself

A few years ago I worked in the marketing world with crazy hours and a small salary. Always had the dream in the back of my mind to travel as I didn’t allow myself to take a break between school and university, nor after university and jumped right into the work world and got absorbed. Being one year in my work environment, I had a crash and doubted everything. I woke up in the middle of the night and went through my todo lists,

not knowing that these anxious moments were signs of heading straight into burnout.

What am I doing with my life?

This question came up frequently.

Luckily I got the call to travel to India and do an Ayurvedic cleanse that turned everything upside down. I learned to do nothing, relax and be fully connected to myself. I decided to take a sabbatical to finally make my dreams come true to travel for three months. I didn’t intend to have the classical “eat, pray, love” story but it turned out to be exactly like that. After this journey - looking back I can see I had a quantum leap - I rediscovered myself, I changed my lifestyle from working nightshifts for pennies to working maximum 6-7 months a year, earning triple as much as before and traveling the rest of the time through the world to only focus on the things I love which are healing and self transformational work.

Your story might be different but I truly know that you can apply the same magic I did to live your wildest dreams.

What's included

LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS offers you a wide range of experiences to create cherishing moments in an indiviadual and group container.

  • weekly 1:1 sessions to support your process at its best

  • 6 workshops to dive into all areas you need to fulfill your dreams incl. access to the recordings

    • Create your dream vision

    • Why healing is so important

    • Cultivating habits that lead to success

    • Implementing tools that help you overcome challenges

    • Manifestation Magic

    • Quantum Leaps

  • Telegram group for support and updates

  • Amazing community of like-minded people

The schedule

We will start the journey in November 2022 and schedule all sessions according to the participant's time zones to accommodate your needs.

Week 1:

Opening ceremony with focus on getting a clear vision and what is necessary to turn a dream into reality. I will share my secrets of what it takes to create habits and routines that support your dream life.


Week 2:

The magic of manifestation and how to make quantum leaps. We tap into the science of manifestation to learn very tangible steps that you can apply in your life to manifest any desire you wish to happen.


Week 4:

The power of thought - we dive into how we can change our mindset and change our whole perception and therefore the world we are living in. 


Week 5:

This week we explore the alchemy of shifting failure into our biggest teachers on the way to our fulfillment. We also touch base on why healing is so important on the journey of chasing your dreams.


Week 6:

I like to have always a little surprise for you - so this week will be kept secret :)


Week 8:

How we can amplify our greatness and closing our journey with a ceremony and celebration of you and your dreams coming true.


The course is taught in a feminine rhythm, which means we will have 3 weeks of group sessions and one week off. The 1:1 sessions will be scheduled accordingly. The off weeks are fundamental for you to implement your learnings as well as living in perfect harmony and balance between doing and receiving.

"Thank you so much,

today I had a real breakthrough."


What others have said about working with Mona


The Price

The 8-week program gives you the opportunity to grow into a new version of yourself that embodies your true essence. The price includes the 1:1 sessions as well as workshops within the group container.


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